Rajal Industries

"Rajal Industries: Specializing in Superior Quality Washers for Diverse Applications"

Rajal Industries, a leader in the fastening solutions industry, offers a wide range of washers designed to enhance the functionality and longevity of bolts, screws, and nuts in various applications. Our washers are engineered to distribute load, protect materials, and ensure the stability of fastenings in
diverse settings.

Comprehensive Overview of Our Washer Range

1. Flat Washers:

1) Purpose and Utility:

Flat washers are the most commonly used washers, designed to evenly distribute the load of a bolt, screw, or nut as the fastener is tightened.

2) Material and Standards:

Manufactured in materials like stainless steel (Standard: ASTM A240) and carbon steel (Standard: ASTM A36), ensuring durability and corrosion resistance.

3) Application Diversity:

Used in construction, automotive, and manufacturing industries for their ability to provide a larger bearing surface, thereby reducing stress on the fastened material.

2. Cup Washers:

1) Design and Functionality:

Cup washers feature a cup-like form, allowing the head of the fastener to fit snugly. This design creates a flush finish with the fastener head, typically used with wood screws.

2) Material and Quality:

Available in materials like brass (Standard: ASTM B16) and steel (Standard: ISO 898-1), chosen for their strength and aesthetic appeal.

3) Industry Usage:

Commonly utilized in carpentry, furniture making, and interior design for their ability to provide an attractive and finished appearance.

3. Spring Washers:

1) Locking Mechanism:

Known as locking washers, spring washers are designed to prevent bolts, screws, or nuts from vibrating loose.

2) Material and Compliance:

Constructed from spring steel (Standard: DIN 127B) to ensure elasticity and strength.

3) Vibrational Applications:

Ideal for use in machinery, automotive applications, and electronics where vibration might loosen fasteners over time.

4. Repair Washers (Penny/Fender Washers):

1).Enhanced Bearing Surface:

Repair washers, often called penny or fender washers, are crafted to create a larger bearing surface and prevent pull-through.

2).Material and Durability:

Typically made from galvanized steel (Standard: ASTM A153) for corrosion resistance and increased strength.

3).Versatile Use:

Suited for repair work, particularly in scenarios where there's a need to cover oversized holes or distribute the load over a larger area, such as in automotive and construction industries.


Rajal Industries is dedicated to delivering high-quality washers that cater to the specific needs of various sectors. Our commitment to utilizing top-grade materials and adhering to international standards ensures that our washers provide reliable, long-lasting solutions in fastening applications. Contact us for more information on how our washers can enhance the integrity and efficiency of
your projects.