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Enhancing Connections with High-Quality Fasteners
Rajal Industries: High-quality fasteners for strong, reliable connections. Trust us for precision-engineered threaded and non-threaded options that meet industry standards. Your partner in quality.
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Meeting and Exceeding Industry Standards
Rajal Industries is a trusted fastener manufacturer that goes above and beyond in meeting industry standards. Their commitment to quality ensures that their fasteners adhere to the highest industry requirements.
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Fastener bolts are indispensable components in the world of construction, manufacturing, and engineering, serving as vital connectors to join or fasten materials together.
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Stud Bolts

Our studs are manufactured using premium-grade materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and alloy steel, to provide optimal strength and corrosion resistance.
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Rajal Industries stands out as a prominent supplier of top-notch nuts, catering to a wide range of industries, companies, and construction projects.
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Washers are types of fasteners used between the had of a bolt, screw, and nut to clamp material together.
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Services We Offer

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Optimize your supply chain with our vendor-managed inventory services. We take responsibility for monitoring and restocking your fastener inventory based on agreed-upon inventory levels, ensuring a seamless supply flow while reducing your administrative burden.

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Our custom metal finishing services provide the perfect finishing touch to your fasteners. With attention to detail and precision, we offer a range of finishes, including plating, coating, and polishing, enhancing the appearance and performance of your fasteners.

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Streamline your production process with our efficient assembly services. Our skilled technicians have the expertise to assemble complex fastener components, ensuring accurate and reliable assembly to save you time and effort.
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We understand the importance of safe and secure packaging for your fasteners. Our packaging services include customized packaging solutions that protect your fasteners during transportation and storage, ensuring they arrive in optimal condition.

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Simplify your inventory management with our managed inventory solutions. We work closely with you to understand your needs and ensure an adequate supply of fasteners, minimizing stockouts and reducing inventory holding costs.

Our Vision

Rajal Industries aspires to lead the fastener industry, setting unparalleled standards in innovation, trustworthiness, and customer delight.

Our Mission

At Rajal Industries, we are dedicated to crafting and delivering premium fasteners tailored to our customers' varied requirements. We pledge unwavering commitment to process enhancement and innovation.

Our Values

At Rajal Industries, we strive for trustworthiness and excellence, providing outstanding products that bolster industries and strengthen global connections. Our commitment extends to elevating the global market at large.

About Our Company

Aim High, Illuminate the Horizon

Centrally positioned in Surendranagar, Rajal Industries carries forth a rich 7-year family legacy, progressing seamlessly across four resilient generations. Since our inception, we’ve solidified our place in the world of fasteners and auto components. As a prominent exporter and manufacturer, our expertise spans an array of Fasteners, a testament to our adaptability and commitment.
Our diverse product range encapsulates our mastery:
– Our steadily growing global clientele is a reflection of our dedication and expertise.
– Boasting a vast inventory of over 10,000 varied items, we stand poised to cater to a broad spectrum of industry needs.
– A seasoned sales ensemble, ever-prepared and proficient, stands at the forefront of our customer interactions, ensuring excellence at every touchpoint.

Together, We Thrive

Join our acclaimed team at Rajal Industries. Dive into a culture of innovation and unity, all aimed at one goal: excellence.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Rajal Industries maintains strict tolerance levels as per industry standards, ensuring precise and accurate dimensions of their fasteners.

Yes, Rajal Industries can manufacture fasteners with different strength grades, such as grade 8.8, 10.9, and 12.9, based on customer requirements.

Yes, Rajal Industries' fasteners comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive, ensuring they are free from hazardous substances.

Yes, Rajal Industries performs dimensional inspection using precision measuring instruments to ensure the accuracy of their fasteners.

Yes, Rajal Industries can provide traceability documentation, including material certificates and test reports, for their fasteners.

Yes, Rajal Industries manufactures fasteners that comply with various international standards, including ASTM and DIN

Yes, Rajal Industries can manufacture fasteners with precise dimensional tolerances based on customer specifications and industry standards

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Our Team

Rajesh Lakum


Jaydeep Lakum

President Marketing & Sales

Govind Lakum

Account Manager

Jagdish Lakum

Purchase Manager

Shailesh Lakum

QA/QC Manager

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