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"Rajal Industries: Redefining Fastening Solutions with Advanced Screw Technology"

Rajal Industries stands as a beacon of innovation in the fastening industry, offering a wide range of meticulously engineered screws for various applications. Our screws are designed to securely fasten components in machinery, electrical devices, and a host of other applications. Emphasizing uniformity in threads and compatibility, our products are essential in machine assemblies, securing tools, vehicles, electronic gadgets, and more. With a commitment to versatility and precision, we provide screws in an array of dimensions to address the multifaceted demands of different industries.

Detailed Insights into Our Screw Offerings

1. CSK Self-Tapping Screw with Raised Slotted Head:

1) Innovative Fastening Solution:

Designed to affix materials with lower density onto metals without requiring pre-drilling, these screws streamline installation processes.

2) Exceptional Material Quality:

Constructed from stainless steel, alloy steel, and carbon steel to offer superior corrosion resistance and extended durability.

3) Versatile Application Range:

Ideal for a multitude of settings, including outdoor environments and underwater projects, due to their rust-resistant nature.

4) Broad Size Availability:

Ranging in diameters from No.2 to No.14, these screws are versatile for various fastening needs, conforming to DIN 7971 standards.

5) Enhanced Grip and Strength:

The deep threads in the slotted head design provide increased grip and strength, suitable for securing materials efficiently with a single screw.

2. Pan Philips Machine Screw:

1)Corrosion-Resistant Build:

Made from stainless steel, offering strong resistance to rust and corrosion, ensuring longevity in metal-to-metal or timber-to-metal fastening.

2) Automotive and Machinery Applications:

Frequently used in the automobile industry and machinery equipment installations, requiring precision and reliability.

3)Pilot Hole Necessity for Secure Fastening:

Designed to be used with pre-drilled pilot holes for optimal fastening, enhancing the screw's effectiveness.

4)Diverse Diameter Options:

Available in a range of diameters from M2 to M8, these screws cater to a wide spectrum of industrial needs, complying with DIN 7985 and ISO 7045 standards.

3. CSK Philips Head Self-Tapping Screw:

1) High-Performance Fastening:

Ideal for sheet metal applications, these screws require pre-drilled countersunk holes for a flawless assembly.

2) Advanced Thread Technology:

Features a unique twisted gradation for easy insertion and secure fit, enhancing their use in precision applications.

3) Customizable Sizes for Specific Needs:

With diameters from No.2 to No.14, we cater to bespoke requirements, ensuring each screw meets specific application demands.

4)Standards of Excellence:

Adhering to DIN 7982 C, these screws reflect our commitment to maintaining high industry standards.

4. Coach Screw:

1) Robust Design for Heavy-Duty Use:

Specifically meant for hardwood applications, these screws come with a square or hexagonal head and a pointed tip for deep penetration.

2) Precision Installation Techniques:

Requires carefully drilled pilot holes to ensure the integrity of the surface material, particularly important in softer timbers.

3) Diverse Applications:

Suitable for metal-to-metal fastening and occasionally used in masonry, their external threading provides a secure hold.

4) Material and Size Flexibility:

Offered in a range of sizes from No.4 to No.20 and in materials like stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel, complying with DIN 571.

5. Pan Head Self-Drilling Screw:

1)Effortless Drilling and Fastening:

These self-drilling screws eliminate the need for pilot holes, simplifying the fastening process in timber-to-metal or metal-to-metal applications.

2)Strength and Precision:

Characterized by their high hardness and lead threads, these screws offer precise and robust fastening.

3) Adaptability to Various Environments:

Resistant to a range of environmental conditions, including acidic and alkaline exposures.

4) Comprehensive Standards Compliance:

Meeting the specifications of ISO 15481-1999, DIN 7504N, BN1878, these screws are a testament to our dedication to quality and reliability.

6. Chipboard Screw:

1) Optimized for Chipboard Fastening:

Specially designed for securing chipboards, these screws are ideal for precision tasks involving varying densities of chipboard materials.

2) Self-Tapping Design:

 The self-tapping nature eliminates the need for pre-drilled pilot holes, simplifying the installation process and enhancing efficiency.

3) High Tensile Strength and Ease of Use:

Despite their high strength, these screws are user-friendly and prevent cracking or splitting of surfaces, even without washers.

4) Temperature Resistant and Durable:

These screws maintain their mechanical and electrical characteristics in extreme temperatures, significantly improving service life.

5) Standard Compliance and Material Quality:

: Manufactured according to DIN 7505 standards, available in stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel for added resilience.

7. Hex Head Self-Drilling Screw:

1) Corrosion Resistant and Versatile:

Ideal for applications involving thin gauge metals and wood, these screws come in various sizes and materials to prevent corrosion.

2) Efficient Drilling and Fastening:

Designed for self-drilling in tough materials, recommended for use after drilling a pilot hole in particularly hard substances.

3) Heat-Treated for Enhanced Performance:

Case hardened and suitable for fastening soft materials onto harder surfaces, with a lower installation torque for quick operation.

4) Standards and Specifications:

Adhering to DIN 7504 K, these screws are crafted to ensure effectiveness and durability in demanding applications.

8. Truss Head Self-Drilling Screw:

1) Low Profile for Limited Space Applications:

Ideal for situations requiring low clearance above the head, these screws are also recommended for use with washers to minimize impact.

2) Corrosion Resistant and Versatile:

Suitable for metal-to-metal fastening, despite being comparatively lower in strength than other types.

3) Durable Material Construction:

Available in stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

9. CSK Head Self-Drilling Screw:

1) Dual-Material Design for Precision:

Features a unique construction with a drilling tip made from a harder material, ensuring precision fastening of metals.

2) Aesthetically Pleasing and Functional:

 Provides a visually appealing finish to applications and is suitable for extreme conditions, including underwater usage.

3) Standards Compliance:

Manufactured in compliance with industry standards, these screws demonstrate our commitment to quality and reliability in manufacturing.

10. Drywall Screw:

1) Multipurpose and High Strength:

Designed for securing sheet metals, composite materials, timber, and plastic, offering high tensile strength and versatility.

2) Variety in Thread Types:

Available in both fine and coarse threads to cater to different surface types - fine for metal fastening and coarse for wood.

3) Ideal for Home Improvement Projects:

Commonly used in drywall fastening for remodeling and home improvement, ensuring robustness and ease of use.

4) Material Options and Durability:

Constructed in stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel, providing resistance to wear and enhancing the screw's longevity.

11. Chipboard Screw:

1) Optimized for Composite Materials:

Tailored for fastening chipboard materials, these screws are ideal for delicate yet firm fastening in furniture making and interior construction.

2) Temperature Resilient and Durable:

Their ability to withstand temperature fluctuations makes them suitable for diverse environments, enhancing their versatility.

3)Efficient and Easy Installation:

Designed for ease of use, they prevent surface splitting and provide secure fastening without pre-drilling, improving efficiency.

4) High-Quality Material Options:

Available in stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel, ensuring longevity and resistance to corrosion.

5) Wide Range of Sizes:

Catering to a variety of dimensions and applications, adhering to industry standards.

12. Hex Head Self-Drilling Screw:

1) Versatile and Strong:

Ideal for joining metal to metal and wood to metal, these screws are perfect for roofing and other industrial applications requiring sturdy fastening.

2) Self-Drilling Efficiency:

Their design allows for drilling without a pilot hole in softer materials, saving time and labor in installations.

3)Corrosion-Resistant Build:

Made with materials resistant to rust and corrosion, enhancing their durability in various settings.

4) Compliant with Industry Standards:

Meeting DIN 7504 K specifications, these screws are reliable and robust for various applications.

13. Truss Head Self-Drilling Screw:

1) Low Clearance Applications:

Designed for applications where minimal head space is available, ensuring a neat and flush finish.

2) Enhanced Fastening Strength:

Despite their relatively lower strength, they are effective for metal-to-metal fastening, making them a versatile choice.

3)Corrosion-Resistant for Longevity:

Constructed from materials that resist wear and tear, ensuring a long service life in various environments.

14. CSK Head Self-Drilling Screw:

1) Innovative Construction for Precision Fastening:

With a dual-material design, these screws provide precise and strong fastening, particularly in metal-to-metal applications.

2) Ideal for Harsh Conditions:

Their design makes them suitable for extreme environments, including underwater applications.

3) Standards Compliance for Quality Assurance:

Manufactured to meet stringent industry standards, ensuring reliability and quality in every screw.

15. Drywall Screw:

1) Specialized for Drywall Applications:

Perfect for attaching drywall to wood or metal studs, offering a secure and lasting hold.

2) High Tensile Strength for Durability:

Designed to handle the weight of drywall, ensuring a secure installation.

3) Versatile Thread Design for Different Materials:

Available in fine and coarse threads to suit the material being fastened, enhancing grip and hold.

16. Lag Screw:

1) Heavy-Duty Fastening Solution:

 Ideal for applications involving dense timbers, providing strong and reliable fastening.

2) Pilot Hole Requirement for Secure Installation:

Ensures the integrity of the material and the screw's hold, especially in hardwood applications.

3) Robust Construction for Tough Applications:

Designed for substantial strength, capable of handling heavy-duty tasks in various settings.

17. Hex Washer Head Self-Tapping Screw:

1) Sheet Metal Fastening Expertise:

Specifically designed for metal-to-metal fastening, offering strength and ease of installation.

2) Self-Tapping Feature for Convenience:

Eliminates the need for pre-drilling, simplifying the installation process.

3)Heat-Treated for Extra Strength:

: Enhances the screw's holding power and durability in demanding applications.

18. Countersunk Torx Screw:

1) Unique Drive Design for High Torque Applications:

The hex lobular torx drive prevents cam-out, offering a stable and secure fastening.

2) Angled Countersunk for Perfect Fitting:

Ideal for applications requiring a flush surface finish, providing a clean and professional look.

3)High-Strength Applications:

Suitable for challenging environments where durability and strength are paramount.

19. SEMS Screw:

1) Innovative Washer-Screw Combination:

Combines the benefits of captive washers and screws for efficient fastening.

2) Cost-Effective for Bulk Applications:

Offers good load-bearing capabilities, making them a practical choice for large-scale projects.

3)Simplifies Assembly Processes:

Easy to install, making them ideal for electrical component manufacturing and other applications where time efficiency is crucial


Rajal Industries is your go-to source for innovative and reliable screw solutions. With our vast array of products, including machine screws and self-tapping screws, coupled with our commitment to superior quality and customer service, we aim to be your trusted fastener supplier. Our immediate product availability and technical expertise ensure that we meet your fastening needs efficiently and reliably. Contact us for customized solutions that are tailored to the unique demands of your projects, and experience the Rajal Industries difference.