Rajal Industries

"Rajal Industries: Comprehensive Industrial Pin Solutions with International Standards and Material Specifications"

Rajal Industries stands as a hallmark of quality in the manufacturing of industrial pins, offering an array of types to serve various industrial requirements. Our focus on adhering to international standards and specifying material quality ensures that each pin we produce meets the global
benchmarks for durability, precision, and application suitability.

Expanded Insight into Our Industrial Pin Range

1. Cotter Pin:

1)Design and Application:

Ideal for securing fasteners like clevis pins and castle nuts, these pins aremade for easy installation and removal.

2) Material and Standards:

Available in plain steel (Standard: ISO 1234), zinc-plated (Standard: ASTMB633), and stainless steel (Standard: ASTM A240/A240M for material quality), ensuring suitability for various environmental conditions.

3) Industrial Use:

Commonly used in automotive and machinery sectors for light-duty fastening.

2. Clevis Pin:

1) Types and Construction:

Offered in threaded (Standard: ASME B18.8.2) and unthreaded (Standard: DIN EN 22341) variants, catering to different securing mechanisms.

2) Material Quality:

Typically manufactured in carbon steel (Standard: AISI 1018) and stainless steel (Standard: AISI 304), ensuring strength and corrosion resistance.

3) Usage and Precision Fit:

Widely used in agricultural machinery and automotive assembly, requiring precise fit to reduce wear.

3. Dowel Pin:

1) Precision and Usage:

Used as precise locating devices in machinery and assemblies.

2) Material and Tolerance Standards:

Manufactured in steel (Standard: DIN 6325 for material and tolerance), providing tight fitting for precision assemblies.

3) Industrial Application:

Essential in aligning machine components, particularly in high-precisionequipment.

4. Taper Pin:

1).Alignment Assistance:

Used for aligning and fastening components, especially in mechanicalassemblies.

2).Material and Taper Standards:

Available in steel (Standard: DIN 1) and stainless steel (Standard: ASTM A276 for material), with a taper of 1/4" per foot as per ANSI B18.8.2.

3).Industrial Use:

Common in automotive and aeronautical engineering for alignment purposes.

5. Spring Pin (Slotted and Coiled):

1).Design and Function:

Ideal for securing machine parts with a self-retaining mechanism.

2) Material and Manufacturing Standards:

Constructed in spring steel (Standard: ASME B18.8.2 for slotted, DIN 1481 for coiled) and stainless steel (Standard: AISI 302 for slotted, DIN EN ISO 8752 for
coiled), these pins offer flexibility and strength.


Used in automotive, electronics, and heavy machinery for secure and flexible fastening.

6. Coiled Pin (Spiral Pin):

1) Innovative Fastening Solution:

Engineered for applications requiring a balance of strength and flexibility.

2) Material and Production Standards:

Made from high carbon steel (Standard: ASME B18.8.4M Type C) and stainless steel (Standard: ASTM A313 for material), ensuring durability.

3) Industrial Applications:

Frequently used in automotive and aerospace industries for their shock- absorbing properties and strength.


At Rajal Industries, our commitment to quality is reflected in our adherence to international manufacturing standards and our selection of high-grade materials for industrial pins. Each type of pin we offer is designed to meet specific industry needs, ensuring reliability, precision, and longevity
in various applications. Contact us to learn more about how our industrial pins can enhance the
efficiency and safety of your projects.