Rajal Industries

"Rajal Industries: The Epitome of Excellence in Threaded Rod and Bar Solutions"

Rajal Industries, a luminary in the fastener industry, excels in manufacturing premium threaded rods and bars. Our advanced thread rolling techniques result in products with unmatched strength, perfect finish, and precise dimensions. We serve a wide array of industries, delivering threaded solutions that are not just products but keystones of vast engineering and construction projects.

Advanced Manufacturing and Diverse Specifications

1) Superior Thread Rolling Techniques:

Our cutting-edge processes ensure accurate lead tolerances and impeccable thread integrity, crucial for efficient fastening solutions.

2) Extensive Size and Diameter Range:

 Our range spans .0310" to 8" in diameter, covering an expansive array of applications, from delicate electronics to robust structural engineering.

3) Custom Lengths for Versatile Applications:

With lengths like 1 meter, 2-meter, 3-meter, up to 12 feet, and tailored options, our rods and bars fit every specific requirement.

Comprehensive Range of Thread Forms and Material Options

1)Versatile Thread Profiles:

Our rods are rolled in major thread forms – Unified, UNJ, Metric, Acme, Trapezoidal, Worms, Knurls, ensuring versatility for varied industry needs.

2) Optimal Material Choices:

We offer materials like carbon and alloy steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, brass, and aluminum, to match environmental conditions and application requirements.

3) Dimensional Precision for Optimal Performance:

Ensuring reliable fastening solutions, our threaded rods feature precision dimensions and enhanced thread strength, a hallmark of our quality.

Product Specifications and Features

1) Specific Diameters and Lengths:

Our threaded rods range from 1/4" to 2" or 6mm to 45mm in diameter, with lengths from 1 meter to 12 feet and custom specifications.

2) Diverse Rolled Threads and Grades:

 Offering threads like UNC, UNF, UNEF, BSW, MM-Metric in grades 4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 8.8, SS304, SS316, and more, we cater to specific industry demands.

3) Finishes for Every Requirement:

Our rods are available in finishes like Blue, Golden, Black, Self-Natural, and Hot Dip Galvanized-HDG, for various environmental and aesthetic needs.

4) Uncompromising Quality Control:

Adhering to rigorous quality standards, our products undergo thorough testing, ensuring they meet industry specifications and exceed customer expectations.

Expanding Horizons in Threaded Products

1) Global Manufacturing and Distribution:

With our extensive network in India and an international reach, we guarantee efficient production and prompt delivery of high-quality threaded rods and bars.

2) Meeting Diverse Industry Standards:

Complying with standards like DIN975, DIN976, ASTM A193, DIN 938, DIN 939, our products align with global quality benchmarks.

Rajal Industries' Commitment to Excellence

1) Quality-Oriented Approach:

We adopt a no-compromise policy on quality, ensuring every threaded product aligns with our stringent quality control program and customer specifications.

2) Wide Array of Relevant Products:

Our portfolio includes Threaded studs, B7 Stud bolts, SS304 Full threaded studs, B8M Full threaded studs, 316L threaded rods, ASTM 193 B7 Studs, and more, catering to diverse requirements.


At Rajal Industries, we take pride in being a leading manufacturer of threaded rods and bars. Our commitment to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the fastener industry. Trust in our expertise and innovative solutions for all your threaded rod and bar needs, and join us in a partnership that spans the globe. Contact us to explore our products and discover how we can enhance the success of your projects.