Rajal Industries

"Rajal Industries: Mastering the Craft of Socket Screws and Specialized Bolts for Diverse Industries"

At Rajal Industries, we specialize in producing an array of high-quality socket screws and specialized bolts. Our dedication to precision engineering and attention to detail ensures that our products stand out in performance and durability, catering to a wide range of applications from construction and engineering to industrial automation.

Exceptional Range and Standards Compliance

1) Wide Diameter Range for Versatile Applications:

Our socket screws are available in diameters ranging from 1/8” to 4” & M2 to M100, accommodating the diverse needs of our clients in various sectors.

2) Adherence to Global Quality Standards:

We strictly comply with standards such as IS 2269, ISO 4762, DIN 912, BS 4168, BS 2470, ASME B18.3.1M, and JIS B1176, ensuring our products align with international quality benchmarks.

Specialized Socket Screw Varieties

1) ISO 4762 - Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws:

: Engineered for maximum efficiency, these screws are ideal for applications where space is limited and a high torque capacity is required.

2) DIN 912 - 12.9 Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws:

Known for their high-strength properties, these screws are suitable for heavy-duty applications, offering superior durability and resilience.

3) DIN 916 - Socket Set Screws Cup Point:

These set screws are perfect for securing objects within a fixed frame or casing, commonly used in manufacturing and mechanical applications.

4) BS 2470 - Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws, 1936 Series:

Combining the traditional reliability of hexagon socket head cap screws with the specifications of the 1936 series, these screws offer versatility and reliability.

5) ASTM A574 - Alloy Steel Socket Head Cap Screws: :

These screws are crafted from alloy steel, providing high strength and resistance to wear in demanding environments.

6) ASTM F912 - Alloy Steel Socket Set Screws:

Specifically designed for secure fastening in critical applications, these set screws meet the rigorous standards set by ASTM F912.

3) ANSI B18.3 - Socket Head Cap Screw:

Meeting the standards of ANSI B18.3, these screws are a staple in various industries for their strength and precision.

4) ASME B1.13M - Metric Screw Threads:

Our products conform to the metric screw thread standards set by ASME, ensuring compatibility and consistency in international projects.

Socket Head Cap Screws: Precision and Aesthetics Combined

1) Innovative Design for Detachable Use: :

These screws are crafted for detachable designs, allowing easy installation and removal. This feature is particularly beneficial in complex machinery where maintenance and adjustments are frequent.

2) - Aesthetic Appeal and High Tensile Strength:

Ideal for applications that demand a visually appealing fastener with robust load handling capabilities. Their sleek design makes them a popular choice for exposed views in architectural and consumer electronics applications.

3) Wide-Ranging Applications:

Extensively used in the construction of plastic injection molds, power plant components, hydraulic braking systems, and high-end furniture. Their versatile design makes them suitable for intricate assembly processes.

4) Comprehensive Size Range and Standards:

Offering diameters from 1/8” to 4” & M2 to M100, adhering to standards like IS 2269, ISO 4762, DIN 912, ensuring a perfect fit for various industrial requirements.

Hex Cap Screws: Customization and Engineering Excellence

1)Versatile Manufacturing Techniques:

Available in cold-headed, hot forged, or machined from bar forms, catering to different environmental and mechanical stresses.

2) Material Diversity for Enhanced Performance:

Manufactured from alloy steel, stainless steel, aerospace alloys, and exotic materials, providing durability in diverse operating conditions.

3) Wide Range of Applications:

Ideal for plumbing, automotive, and manufacturing sectors, where secure and even fastening is paramount.

4) Tailored Bolts for Specific Requirements:

Customizable as per prints or customer specifications, ensuring that every unique project requirement is met with precision.

5) Advanced Finishing Techniques:

Offering finishes like passivation, plating, and organic coatings to enhance the corrosion resistance and longevity of the bolts.

Eye Bolts and Machined Eye Bolts: Reliability and Versatility

1) Engineered for Load-Bearing Applications:

Ideal for rigging, lifting, and anchoring applications, available in diameters from 1/4″ through 3″.

2) Customizable Designs:

Machined or forged based on client specifications, making them suitable for specialized applications in various industries.

3) High-Quality Material Selection:

Constructed from stainless steel and aerospace alloys, ensuring durability and strength for heavy-duty uses.

Shoulder Bolts and Socket Shoulder Bolts: Precision and Strength

1) Versatile Applications:

These bolts are perfect for applications requiring a pivot point or a mounting point, providing strength and precision.

2) Customization and Material Options:

Available in alloy steel, stainless steel, and exotic materials, catering to specific application requirements and environmental conditions.

3) Reliable Manufacturing Standards:

Produced to inch, metric, military, and specialized standards, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance in diverse applications.

Carriage Bolts, Step Bolts, Plow Bolts: Functionality and Durability

1) Diverse Application Range:

Ideal for wood, metal, and masonry applications, offering both security and aesthetic appeal.

2) Customizable Features:

Available in partial or fully threaded options with standard or short square shoulders, catering to unique project needs.

3) Superior Finishing Options:

Passivation, plating, and special operations are available, enhancing the bolt’s resistance to environmental factors and wear.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality and Innovation

1) Quality Assurance:

Each socket screw and specialized bolt undergoes rigorous testing and quality control, adhering to our policy of no compromise on the quality of our products.

2) Extensive Product Range:

 Our portfolio includes a diverse range of socket head cap screws, hex cap screws, eye bolts, shoulder bolts, carriage bolts, and more, offering solutions for every industrial need.


Rajal Industries is dedicated to providing superior socket screws and specialized bolts, combining innovation, precision, and strength. Our commitment to quality, customer service, and timely delivery makes us a trusted partner in various industries. Contact us to discover how our tailored fastening solutions can enhance the success of your projects, both in India and globally.